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Christopher Godber

Chris has written poems since he was a teenager, writes regularly for coding magazine iC0de and produces short stories and writing philosophical essays for London Based artists collective The Tunnel. He spent several years teaching English as a foreign language to Russian Students at a camp called Rekaleto in Russia.

Chris has created compilations of short stories called Suicide by Computation and Romance in the Commie Blocks , a series of novellas called The Maximo Series and he is currently working on a novel called Prometheus Inverted.

His literary influences include George Orwell, Harlan Ellison, Fredreich Nietzsche, Emil Cioran, Ursula K le Guin, Terry Pratchett and Evegeny Zamyatin

Chris Godber

Naima Valli

Naima is working on a hand drawn comic book. She has a degree in English Literature and has a particular interest in the Italian graphic novellist Guido Crepax and the legendary Alan Moore.

Mervyn Syna

Mervyn Syna is an artist, musician and perfomance artist from Hackney London with a background in graphic design. He is a talented multidisciplinary artist and a very talented passionate ukelale player.

His art and his music is a reflection of his strongly held principles

We have recently released his collection of art, songs and digital artwork called diesekonstructionSongbook-vol1.



Simon Ross

I have a box full of most of the things I have written in the last twenty years or so. I would say that themes of isolation, stillness and disintegration figure prominently. I am sometimes surprised at the violence in the images and I also have something of a preoccupation with death and altered states. I wouldn’t say I am particularly morbid or a sombre person, so I’m often surprised by what comes out. They are primarily internal imaginings and not much concerned with external descriptions. I like short sentences – space, quiet and movement. I care about the idea that language can be a means to solace and can, when employed in the correct manner, create a meditative insightful frame of mind – searching for the correct manner is an ongoing project.

Alien Rabbit are proud to publish his work Four Walks.

Extract from interview at The Ink Pantry

Richard Muirhead

Richard Muirhead was born in Hong Kong in 1966 and has been living in Macclesfield since 1998. He began seriously writing poetry in the first decade of the Twenty-first century under the guidance of Macclesfield poet and artist Jo Cookson,( although his first poem, Old Age was published at age ten in the Sandroyd School magazine The Quill)

He writes in both free verse and rhyming style. His poetry reflects his experiences of schizo-affective disorder since 1987 and the simple things of every day life. His favourite poets are John Clare, John Milton and the First World War poets. Struck By The Moon, which alludes to a belief Richard had during his 1987 episode of mental illness that the moon was influencing his mood, is his first published poetry collection.

Alien Rabbit will be publishing a new collection of poetry by Richard in the new year

Matt Nin

I’ve known Matt for many many years. We met at the Electric Picture House many moons ago and have been great friends ever since. A multi-talented ceramisct, painter and music producer, he also writes poetry and is talented at drawing. He loves his dog Leila and is a very kind soul.


Jeremy Thorpe

Jeremy is one of the very few people in the world who can claim to have lived in 3 caves in two countries.

I didn’t just live in a cave. I dug it out and lived in it for three years, used the excavated materials to terrace the landscape outside my cave to make a permaculture garden. I lived in a cave in Italy for two months too. I ran a famous city centre art gallery , was short listed for the national portrait gallery london, have my paintings in collections internationally. Am a chef, a permaculturist.

He is currently writing a book about his experience of nomadic off grid living in Crete and is a passionate horticulturalist and a brilliant cook. The Pizza pictured is a buffalo mozzarella version and is Unbelievably creamy and juicy.


Jon Elkon

JON ELKON is a writer, teacher, Martial Arts instructor and Green person, and a devotee of Baroque Opera. ‘It’s a flamboyant, eccentric, multicoloured, gilded world where all emotions are perfumed, pomaded and expressed with heartrending precision. I discovered this incredible art only ten years ago, under the spectral tutelage of Mr Handel and YouTube’ he says.  It was this three-hundred-year old musical and dramatic feast which inspired his latest novel, ‘The Ragazzo.’ ‘I am very excited to be published by Alien Rabbit’, Elkon says. They have precisely the courage and innovative approach we need to power experimental and original writing into the 21st Century’

Imagine, in the late nineteenth century, two passionate Opera fans, millionaire gentlemen, who come to the conclusion that the only way to revive Baroque Opera would be to find – or manufacture – a true castrato with the voice of a demented Angel and create the greatest singer in the modern world. So they bet on it.

As with all crazy plans dreamed up in a bordello, nothing goes according to the libretto: the boy they buy and train turns out to be a serial killer. And who could blame him?

This story of pain greed, murder and unfulfillable love is told in the voice of the urbane, humorous, cynical ghost of Herr Handel. He is our guide all the way from the Cathedral of Naples to the Grand Finale at the Handel Festival of 1920 in which the body count almost matches exactly that of the Opera performed – Rodelinda by Georg Friderik Handel.

Jon Elkon’s previous books include Umfaan’s Heroes and Laszlo’s Millions, satires on Apartheid South Africa; Sally’s Road and collected poems ‘Some Day Soon.’ He is currently working on the sequel to Ragazzo, as well as a gay thriller, ‘Soho Warrior.’ He lives in London.

Jon Elkon Website:

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