Responding to negative and positive criticism of Prometheus Inverted February 6, 2024 – Posted in: Uncategorized

The ideas that inspired for Prometheus Inverted can be best summed up in a list – Abuse (drugs / addiction) – Pharmaceutical Industry – self destructive tendencies – The hubris of mankind – Absurdity – Artificial Life – The alienation of technological progress It is my attempt to take well established tropes from science fiction literature such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and add some romanticism alongside the cripplingly lonely atmosphere of an imagined futuristic cosmic expansionism. In a sense I am also grappling with the question of AI and synthetic life in this story. If humanity gets to the point of creating post-humans , I think it is important that we greet them with open arms, instead of our worst aspects and the novelette (Which is just a long short story essentially) explores that question. It is a book that questions and probes. Not one that gives easy answers. I had originally intended this to be a novel, but I think the story demanded a shorter length and a snappier pace. This story also felt much more personal as I set much of it in Manchester, which is my favorite city in the world and where I live and work. So it is also a love hymn to God’s own city. B


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