New Novella by Chris Godber – The Eternal Ship Released! November 11, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

The Eternal Ship is the debut Novella by British Author Chris Godber

Maximo Zinov is a man split in two living a desperate double life on the streets of a post-war era Moscow, longing day and night for respite at the new home he has found himself ¬†on the Eternal Ship. ¬†However driven he is though to his creative muse, fate selects him out of the blue to solve the riddle that haunts them all –

Who is Mantor’s nemesis?

A psychological mystery thriller inspired as much by Dostoevsky’s short stories as it is horror and contemporary crime fiction and cyberpunk, The Eternal Ship is a psychologically driven, emotive rollercoaster into a world whose cracks are beginning to show and burst into the surface.

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