City of the Damned


Dare you enter the city of Broken Dreams?

An endlessly replayable weird fiction game set in a strange noir world of half imagined dreams and nightmares…


You are  an occult and paranormal investigator and private detective. You have travelled to the fabled city of New Vienna in Austria. You came here with just 50 credits on your ATM card.

It is the year 3025 AD, and the world is rebuilding from the aftermath of the ‘the blight’ a super virus that swept the world in 2090. The Blight was a virus of unknown origin, which caused madness, paranoia and hallucinations to any afflicted, often leading them to a life of catatonia, and acts of mindless violence. A darkness swept over the world as one by one more were claimed by the maelstrom of violence it inflicted upon the countries of the world, almost bringing civilisation to the brink of collapse.

You were one of the lucky ones who made it through with your sanity mostly intact. The economy and society though was still close to tatters as governments the world over struggled to recover after the Vaccine B54 was discovered and helped the world to once more find at least a little hope….

You came to New Vienna in the hope of making your way in the new world and to use your deep knowledge of the arcane and investigative arts to make a living. You left Chicago on the promise of work from a mysterious benefactor, and entered your new apartment deep in the centre of New Vienna.

Your employer for the first job asked just to be referred to as Rasputin, a codename presumably and asked that you check in with him on your arrival on your computer terminal in your apartment.

Now you could do that, or you can first pursue your own investigations, should you wish. Choice is yours, Sunshine.



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